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  • Cultures of Belief — post-print version of article

    As promised, here’s a post-print version of my Cultures of Belief article, which was published in Anthropological Theory. cultures-of-belief-post-print The text is identical to the journal version, but the formatting is different — this is the version I’m allowed to distribute according to the publishing agreement. If you have access to the journal, for example […]

  • Cross-cultural conversations at cross-purposes

    Part of my argument in the recent neoliberalism debate was that, evidence of discontent about any aspect, be it ever so narrow, of what have been identified as neoliberal transformations is taken, without further justification, as a rejection of all of the phenomena that have been so identified My point was that just because lots of people […]

  • Highly Recommended: Laszlo Montgomery’s The China History Podcast

      The China History Podcast comes all the way from sunny Claremont, California, courtesy of Laszlo Montgomery, and is highly recommended. I’ve been listening to it on and off since last summer and have learnt a lot from it. It’s a great introduction to some key episodes and themes in Chinese history, and the host has […]

  • People’s Daily Online: Tibetan Buddhist temples in China’s Inner Mongolia

    The People’s Daily Online has published a small gallery of Tibetan Buddhism temples in China’s Inner Mongolia. Photos 4 and 5 are of Baruun Hiid in Alashaa League in the far west of Inner Mongolia. 6 and 7 show Badgar Hiid, near Baotou, somewhere I have spent quite a bit of fieldwork time.

  • Jiangsu cadre: “Humanistic Buddhism shares common origin with the socialist core value system”

    台湾佛光山开山宗长星云大师一行来江阴考察–地方–人民网. I just came across this article in the online version of the People’s Daily, the Chinese government newspaper. It reports on a visit by Master Xing Yun, the leader of Fo Guang Shan, to a city in his native Jiang Su Province in southern China. The local cadre who greeted him said (my translation): […]