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  • Post-truth anthropology – published in Anthropology Today

    A guest editorial on ‘Post-truth anthropology’ that I wrote for Anthropology Today is out today. It’s paywalled, I’m happy to send the text on request if you can’t access it. Edit: it has now been made open access for a period of 6 months — if it’s paywalled again by the time you read this and […]

  • Announcing: Ignorance Studies Listserv

      I’ve set up a JISCMail mailing list for discussion of the social scientific study of ignorance. The list will be publicly archived. To subscribe or contribute, click HERE. Get in touch with me if you have any questions. (The image above is ‘see, hear, speak no evil’ by Chris Walkington, and was the cover […]

  • New Sociology of Ignorance web resource

    There is a great new resource on the sociology of ignorance at: The site is run by Joanne Gaudet and supported by Matthias Gross. It already has a very useful bibliography.

  • Ignorance and Power, Critical Studies in Education 50(3)

    Here’a another exercise in the anthropology of ignorance, this time focused on ignorance in education — a special issue of Critical Studies in Education from 2009. The introduction, by Neriko Musha Doerr explains: While resonating with Bourdieu’s theoretical formulation that it is relations of dominance that create the legitimacy of knowledge, this project pushes a […]

  • Ignorance Mobilization – Joanne Gaudet

    I’ve just come across the work of Joanne Gaudet, a PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa who has been working on issues of ignorance and the productivity of ignorance from a sociological — and especially sociology of science — point of view. She has a website with a number of interesting looking working papers […]

  • Paul Stoller: Social Engineering and the Politics of Ignorance

    Paul Stoller has a post on the Huffington Post on education, ignorance and politics. Some of what he has to say relates to policies that aim to constrain the acquisition of knowledge. Here’s one example I find particularly astounding, not because it is an unusual position to take historically speaking, but because it comes from […]

  • Cultures of Ignorance: CFP, 17th World Congress of the IUAES, Manchester 2013

    Jenny Diggins (Sussex) and I have just issued the following call for papers for a panel on the anthropology of ignorance, to be held at the IUAES Congress in Manchester next summer. Feel free to get in touch if you’re considering submitting a proposal but want to discuss it first.    Call for Papers at […]

  • US Discount flyer for Anthropology of Ignorance

    A 20% discount flyer for The Anthropology of Ignorance valid for purchases from Palgrave USA (but not from the UK Palgrave—sorry!) can be downloaded using the link below: High, Kelly, and Mair (eds.) 2012. The Anthropology of Ignorance: An Ethnographic Approach—flyer

  • The Anthropology of Ignorance

    High, C., Kelly, A., Mair, J. (eds.) 2012. The Anthropology of Ignorance: An Ethnographic Approach. New York & Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. A new volume on the anthropology of ignorance, which I edited with Casey High and Ann Kelly, came out last week with Palgrave. I’m really pleased with the finished product, and that’s all down to […]