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  • Evolution and Religion Part III

      This post is the third in a series in conversation with Martin Michael Blume, prompted by his original post on www.scilogs.com. See my first post, Michael’s reply, and my second post.  Dear Michael, Thanks again for taking the time to engage with me earlier. Sorry that this is a bit of a long reply… In your comment […]

  • Evolution and Religion Part II

    This is a reply to Martin Michael Blume’s comment to my previous post, which was itself was a comment on his blog on www.scilogs.com. Martin Michael — Thanks for the links (reproduced below) and for engaging with my comment! I’ve read those two papers now –they are thought provoking and contain some great lines (“evolutionary theorists brought […]

  • Evolution and Religion

    The explanatory power of evolutionary theory is clear. However, these days, people seem to rush to evolutionary explanations for all sorts of real and perceived human behaviours. The danger of doing this is that in going straight to the question of the origins of what we’re trying to understand, we fail to put in the […]